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Cardell S.

First time here. Hows that old saying go? “First impressions are lasting impressions”.

My first impressions of the this place are very good. Before I even Get into my personal experience. I observed a couple interactions with other customers, specifically female customers. The way they spoke to them, was very polite and respectful. At no point did I feel that they were trying to pull anything over on people who don’t know what’s going on.

Ok back to my situation. I got an alignment on a lifted/modified vehicle. They explained before the service that if anything extra was need that there will be extra charges. I agreed to these terms. The alignment didn’t take long Less than an hour. When it was finished the service writer informed me that a certain adjustment point on my vehicle was maxed out and the alignment is as straight as it can be. I had no problem with this at all. After driving the vehicle home. I was very surprised and pleased with the alignment. It drives so much better.

I’m very happy with my service. Start to finish.


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